The Tergesh, also known as the Rhino Riders, are a group of people that appear in Blood Ties. They ride rhinos that are given to them when they are very young. Their leader is Jodoboda.

In Blood Ties, the main group is ambushed by the Tergesh and shot down by arrows. They are taken as prisoners but Tarik somehow manages to disguise himself as a Rhino Rider. Because Rollan is sick with the Sunset Death, Jodoboda gives the team a quest: Get four banana gourds, which will cure Rollan. When they manage to find the gourds, Jodoboda tells them that they had gourds already, and would have given them to Rollan anyway. Later on the book, the Tergesh appear alongside General Teng's army to fight The Devourer at Dinesh's temple. Jodoboda's rhino is killed in that battle


  • Rhino riders are unable to summon a spirit animal, possibly because of the bond they already share with their rhinos.
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