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The Wyrm, The Wyrm! I can feel it writhing now!

Yumaris, The Burning Tide

The Wyrm was originally an egg. Many years ago, it landed on the Evertree, creating a gigantic crater. The explosion and shockwave caused by the strike of the Wyrm's egg killed and destroyed the surrounding animals and area. The fifteen animals who survived the blast became the Great Beasts.
The Wyrm is actually the maker of the spirit animal bond. The Wyrm wanted a source of food when it woke up, so it used the Evertree, which regrew right above it. The Wyrm died when the Hellan weapon activated, reversing Zerif (its host) and the Wyrm's bond. Zerif threw himself and the Wyrm into lava, killing them both. The release of the Wyrm's bond-power infused Erdas, turning every part of nature into a "mini-Evertree."
The Wyrm is the overall main antagonist of the entire franchise; serving as an unseen antagonist of the original series and as the main antagonist of the second series.
The Wyrm is even more evil than Kovo (although it can be debated that he never had evil intentions for reasons involving the Wyrm itself), the overarching antagonist of the original series and the main protagonist of the second series, so the Wyrm is the source of all evil.


The Wyrm was a powerful alien that arrived on Erdas thousands of years ago in a nearly indestructible egg casing strong enough to survive passage through the atmosphere. It is a slick, black creature with four red eyes and roughly a dozen tentacles. On its "face" it has a radula with many rows of teeth for devouring prey, or Marked people. It can create miniature parasites from bits of itself, which it can use to infect animals and people, bringing them under its control. It can induce different levels of freedom in its bond, ranging from mindless (the Many) to normal intelligence, some degree of independence (Zerif), and in-betweens like Conor. The Wyrm can also form a symbiotic bond with people. In The Burning Tide, it bonded with Zerif, which transformed him into The Thing. The Thing had grey skin, writhing black eyes, and veined flesh. It retained the Wyrm's strength and allowed the Wyrm to speak in Common instead of its native alien tongue. The Thing had the powerful ability to suck the life forces out of animals and people, which it did to a Redcloak named Shadow. It nearly killed Essix and Rollan in the same way.
The Wyrm is not as enduring as its egg, as it dies in lava, which can be up to 2,100 degrees F, while atmospheric entry can be up to 3000 degrees F. The Wyrm is very strong, being able to simultaneously crush many attacking Redcloaks with its tentacles at ease.


The parasites are the color or grey mud, and are similar in appearance to worms or leeches. When a Wyrm parasite infects a spirit animal, it buries itself into the animal's skin (either directly into the forehead or it slowly makes its way towards the forehead). It has the same effect on humans, causing them to lose their memory and go insane to various degrees. Conor had a parasite inside of him until book 4 of the Fall of the Beasts series. When a parasite gets to the host’s forehead, it curls into a spiral that writhes and twists.


  • Art of the Wyrm by Seualz on Amino
  • The concept of the Wyrm infecting The Evertree may have been based on a story from Norse Mythology, which included a dragon called Níðhöggr who chewed at the roots of the mythological world tree, Yggdrasil.
  • It was thought to be a dragon, but that was proven false in The Burning Tide, the Wyrm being a tentacled creature.
  • According to Meilin's dream in Broken Ground, it was a shape-shifting shadowy blob. In her dream, it could talk and imitate voices and was as dark as a moonless night, sucking up all light.