Trunswick on the map of Eura.

Trunswick is Conor's home town. Most of its residents are farmers and/or shepherds, as Conor lived on a farm before he became a servant to Devin. The Trunswick family holds the most power, and also owns the main manor in the town. In Hunted, it was revealed that the Earl of the Trunswick had allowed the Conquerors to hold influence over the town. However, by the end of Tales of the Fallen Beasts, the Trunswick family was revealed to be broke and the Earl fled, leaving Dawson Trunswick to take his role.

In the Books

Wild Born

Conor, Devin, and Abby have their nectar ceremonies In Trunswick before Conor leaves to join the Greencloaks.


When passing through Trunswick, Rollan and Conor are captured and put in the Howling House. It also appears that Briggan is no longer on the flag; instead it is a black wildcat. They realize that Trunswick has been taken over by the Conquerors.


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