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Uraza is a leopard Great Beast, and Abeke's spirit animal. She is one of the Four Fallen, and the patron beast of the continent of Nilo.


Uraza is described to be large and sleek, almost the size of a lion. Her hide is said to be glossy and flawless, and she has violet eyes, flashy as amethysts. Her territory is the jungles of Nilo, whereas her rival, Cabaro, claims the savannas. She is known to be very powerful when she was one of the Great Beasts. She is also fast, a great climber, and a bit quick-tempered. Moreover, she is one of the Four Fallen, who gave their lives for the sake of Erdas's welfare. She is very prideful, rightfully so, and has a great relationship with Abeke.


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Uraza's talisman is the Amber Leopard. It increases attack speed and agility, also giving you a hunter's skill and power.

In the Books[]

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Tales of the Great Beasts[]

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Wild Born[]

Uraza was summoned by Abeke in Nilo. Right after the ceremony, she and Abeke were taken by Zerif (who introduced himself as an ally to the Greencloaks, though not really part of them). Believing they were with the right people, Abeke and Uraza trained and spent time with the Conquerors. After witnessing Conquerors testing the Bile on animals, Abeke began to question the Conquerors' motives. In the battle for Arax the Ram's talisman, Uraza helped Abeke realize she was fighting the wrong side, and at the end of the book, they join the Greencloaks.


The Greencloaks travel to Northern Eura with Finn to find the Iron Boar of Rumfuss. While in Glengavin, Abeke and Uraza are captured by Devin Trunswick and Karmo, although they are eventually freed and help in the battle for the talisman.

Blood Ties[]

Uraza lends Abeke her skills in order to get the banana gourds to save Rollan. She also keeps watch at night with Briggan when Abeke falls asleep, even fending off Lishay's brother's tiger with Zhosur.

Fire and Ice[]

Uraza helped Meilin when she falls into a crevasse, Uraza's size was enchanced by the Slate Elephant to help her out. Uraza later helps Abeke by lending her stealth so she could explore the Ice City and later retrieve the Crystal Polar Bear of Suka.

Against the Tide[]

Uraza gives Abeke her speed and agility in order to keep up with Tangaroa's orangutan in the race she was challenged. Later, on Sunlight Island, Uraza is made bigger by the Slate Elephant, and aids Conor, Abeke, and Kalani in their escape.

Rise and Fall[]

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The Evertree[]

When the team first meets Tellun the Elk, Uraza is hesitant when Tellun asks them to "risk their lives once more". During the Fight With Kovo the Ape, though, Uraza and Briggan as well as Jhi push Kovo toward the Evertree, While Essix and the remaining Great Beasts fight Halawir the Eagle. At the end however, Conor, using the Staff of Cycles, manages to force Kovo to sacrifice himself.

Immortal Guardians[]

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Broken Ground[]

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The Return[]

When Abeke becomes Kirat's servant, Cabaro the Lion recognizes her as the summoner of Uraza. It was said that Uraza and Cabaro were rivals. Later on, Abeke reveals to Kirat that she did summon Uraza, and that she's a Greencloak. However, Kirat has a negative reaction and Abeke tries to escape, only to be captured. Later on in the book, as Abeke faces Zerif, Zerif tries to throw a Wyrm parasite at her but Uraza leaps in front of Abeke to save her. The leopard gets infected and tries to attack Abeke in her delirium, but Cabaro jumps in and battles Uraza instead. Abeke is forced to leave without Uraza, and becomes depressed because of the loss of her spirit animal.

The Burning Tide[]

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Heart of the Land[]

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The Wildcat’s Claw[]

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The Dragon’s Eye[]

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Abeke and Uraza are extremely close and have a strong bond. They had little trouble bonding and building trust with each-other in the beginning; in the first book, Uraza saves Abeke's life from a bile-infected dog, and later in The Return, she saves Abeke's life once again from a Wyrm parasite. When Uraza was infected and their bond was severed it made Abeke instantly depressed, like a part of her soul was ripped away. She continuously tried to get through to Uraza even though the leopard could not understand. Uraza tries to attack her twice due to her delirium—the first attack was intercepted by Cabaro and the second killed Shane, who put himself in Abeke's place. Once the Wyrm was killed, Uraza went into hiding due to the shame of killing Shane, however Abeke hunts her down for 6 months and finds the leopard in Stetriol, where they bonded once again.


Uraza and Cabaro are known rivals, and are said to have had territory disputes in Nilo. A Niloan legend describes this, saying Kovo the Ape tricked them into fighting. However Uraza and Cabaro find out about Kovo's trickery, and they cut his tail off. Uraza ends up with the jungles of Nilo for her territory and Cabaro with the savannas.



  • In the French version of Spirit Animals (Animal Tattoo), instead of being described as a leopard, Uraza is described as a panther.
  • Uraza is a Turkic name meaning "happiness, joy".
  • Uraza, along with Mulop and Jhi, is one of the only Great Beasts to have a talisman which is not made with a metal or a rock.
  • In multiple books, Uraza is described as getting seasick on ships.
  • Uraza is a Kinyarwanda name meaning “you come”.