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Hi, I'm PineappleRing! I love the spirit animals books and have read all the arcs.

Favorite book: Broken Ground

Least favorite book: Burning Tide

Favorite Arc: 1st (no reason, just a bit better than the others)

Least Favorite Arc: 3rd (felt like a washed-out copy of 1st arc, but it did have some cool characters)

Favorite Character: Shane (except in Burning tide)

Favorite Ships: Reilin (overall just great) and Shaneke (only in AU)

Some Headcanons I have

Shane has PTSD

Conor is bisexual

The Keeper is gender neutral

Devin is gay

Stead has a stutter and is also shy and smart

Talon is good at inventing and baking. She makes the best apple pie

Karmo has frequent migraines