Wilco, a female black wildcat, was the spirit animal of Gransfen.


Wilco, according to legend, was ginormous. She rivaled even Tellun in height. She was a yellow-eyed beast, fur as black as midnight during a lunar eclipse, and claws and teeth capable of shredding rock as if it were paper. Wilco's roar was so loud, it sounded like a thousand volcanoes erupting at once.


  • The enchanted forest Wilcoskov was likely named after Wilco, as it was where she had been summoned by Gransfen, and where the pair were buried after death. 
  • Wilco was rumored to breathe fire when she was angry, according to Worthy. Because of this, she was liable to cause forest fires.  
  • Wilco was also probably the 'legendary black wildcat of Eura.'  
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