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“Tell Dawson I was a hero!”
-Worthy to Abeke in The Wildcat’s Claw: The Wildcat's Roar[1]

Devin Trunswick was a 12 to 13-year-old boy from Trunswick, Eura. The first series introduces Devin as Conor's superior.

In the Spirit Animals Game, the Keeper of Greenhaven defeats Devin in the game's main storyline for Briggan the Wolf's talisman. He later appears again, under the name Worthy, and assists the Keeper in the Sadre storyline.

Worthy then appears in the second series, in The Return, along with the rest of the Redcloaks, and later helps the Heroes of Erdas find the Wildcat's Claw, the Heart of the Land, and escape prison in The Dragon’s Eye.


Devin has brown hair and pale skin, as shown in the game and cover art of Hunted. Conor describes him as having an arrogant, cruel tilt to his chin and usually wearing decorative, expensive clothing. His posture is always haughty and straight—a posture of a true leader. His cloak is dark brown. In Tales of the Fallen Beasts, Devin wields his family's sword, the Trunswick Blade, although the blade is broken in half in a rooftop fight. Devin is also described to be shorter than his younger brother, Dawson.

As Worthy, Devin wears a white mask that resembles a cat's face and a red cloak. As of Heart of the Land, Worthy's appearance is much more cat-like. His eyes had turned gold with slit pupils and his hair turned dark and sleek, and retractable claws replaced his fingernails. He also grows a long tail, which he tries to keep hidden. In the game, he wears a red cloak with the Redcloak symbol in silver on the back. He wears a thick red hood that has holes for the ears of his mask to poke through. He wears a brown chest plate that matches his brown gloves and a dark brown sash. On his right arm, he wears a silver shoulder plate. On his waist is a thin belt with a red gem in the center, one corner of his cloak tucked underneath. Tucked into the belt, he wears a matching black shirt and pants. He wears tall brown boots with rings on the top.


Devin came from a very rich family with a very high status. The town he lives in is named after his family name, Trunswick. Everyone in his family except for him had summoned a spirit animal, causing him to become a disgrace to his family. In result, he forced a bond with an animal by drinking the Bile; a black panther named Elda. His bond with Elda was severed when Gerathon the Serpent was killed and the Bile bonds ceased to exist. In the first series, Devin is described as haughty, assertive, and a bit selfish. He frequently looks down on Conor, his servant at the time. When Conor summons Briggan, Devin feels humiliated and develops a grudge against his former servant, while also being shamed by his family for not summoning a spirit animal, his father being the brunt of the disapproval. He is eager to impress his father and Zerif, and despite his negative behavior towards others, he has a very good relationship with his brother, Dawson.

During the events of Tales of the Fallen Beasts, it is revealed that Devin had decided to improve himself and make up for his past behavior. After learning that Zerif planned to steal Rumfuss the Boar away from Dawson, Devin interfered to protect his brother by confronting his father, dueling Raisha, and encouraging a mob to storm and burn down the Trunswick manor in the process. Afterwards, Devin decides to join the Redcloaks in order to atone for his past crimes.



In the game, a masked stranger who appears in Greenhaven, named Worthy, is revealed to be Devin. 'Worthy' asks for your help to find his friend Talon in the underground tunnels (Sadre). Worthy tells you that he cannot ever take off his mask, admits that he'd done some terrible things, and reveals some information about the underground. He comes to think of the Keeper as a friend, despite them defeating him before in the main storyline. A Conqueror named Maddox calls Worthy the "Trunswick brat", which is the first clue of Worthy's real identity. Maddox then kidnaps Worthy and the Keeper is introduced to Talon, who starts to call Worthy by his real name, but then corrects herself, confirming that Worthy is Devin Trunswick. In the very last heroic underground quest, the Keeper defeats Maddox and Worthy/Devin is reunited with Talon. Worthy stays in Greenhaven's courtyard to handle underground quests.

Worthy/Devin also said that his group often named themselves after what they wanted, or after a trait of their animals. He named himself Worthy because of his wish to be worthy someday.

In the Books

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Wild Born

Devin Trunswick appears in the first chapter, Briggan. Conor is his servant, buttoning up his jacket and urging him to hurry up. Devin and Conor are around the same age, and the two boys soon attend a Nectar Ceremony. When Devin drinks the Nectar, he summons nothing; Conor summons Briggan the Wolf, a Great Beast. Devin is enraged and humiliated; Dawson, who is happy for Conor, grins.


In the first chapter, Devin follows Zerif into the forest, only to discover a flask of the Bile and a large cage covered by cloth. He asks if it will hurt when he drinks the Bile, and Zerif replies that it doesn't matter, and that he'll be a legend. He then asks if the animal he summons will do whatever he says; Zerif informs him that bonds with the Bile are much different than the Nectar. Devin then drinks it, trying hard not to gag, and Zerif whisks the cover off the cage. He is then mentioned by Conor when a cook offers to read a letter for him; he thinks that Devin would never write a letter to his former servant. He remembers his Nectar Ceremony, and the look of hatred Devin had when Conor summoned Briggan. Later on in the book, Conor returns to Trunswick, along with Rollan. He finds out that Devin had summoned a spirit animal, even though Conor saw him fail to summon one with his own eyes. He calls out to Devin, but Devin tells his guards to seize Conor and Rollan. After they are captured, The Earl of Trunswick informs them that Trunswick has had enough of the Greencloak's iron rule, and orders the guards to lock them up in the Howling House (with the exception of Essix the Falcon).

While Meilin and Abeke are spying on the Conquerors in Trunswick, Devin is shown to be proud of Elda, and listens to every word Zerif says.

After the group escapes from Trunswick, Devin appears again in Glengavin along with Karmo, kidnapping Abeke in the middle of the night. Kunaya then finds Abeke, and she ties a message (with her elephant-hair bracelet) around Kunaya's neck; 'Help' and 'Devin hunts Rumfuss'. Rollan and Meilin then go rescue Abeke alongside their mission to locate Rumfuss the Boar. When Rumfuss is found, Devin appears with an army of Conquerors, and a battle is started as Rumfuss charges at them. Conor, Finn, and Tarik arrive to the battle, and Elda bites Conor's shoulder. While injured, Conor tries to defend himself, but fails. Devin appears before him, mocking his bond with Briggan. He orders Elda to take Briggan down, but another animal grabs Elda in midair and knocks her to the ground. Devin puts her into passive state, and the Conquerors start to lose the battle. Finn, reunited with Donn, is revealed to be the true Euran wildcat legend; the legend that Devin was only pretending to be. In the end, Devin and Karmo are locked up in Glengavin's prison by Lord MacDonnell.

Broken Ground

Worthy was mentioned by Olvan in the beginning of the book. Later on, he appears alongside the rest of the Redcloaks to fight off the parasite-infected people in Stetriol.

Tales of the Fallen Beasts

The chapter The Trunswick Blade is from Devin's point of view. It starts not long after Devin had been bailed out of Glengavin's prison. He is traveling near his home town, Trunswick, and tries to stay in an inn, but offends the innkeeper and is kicked out. He continues to trudge towards Trunswick and stops to make a fire. Kunaya approaches him, and Devin gives the cat some of his food, stating that he'd met Kunaya before and began to call her "Yaya" for short.

Not long after he is approached by a girl, who introduces herself as Raisha and tells him that she was travelling to Trunswick. She offers him some bacon and Devin hungrily takes it and places it over the fire. Raisha reveals that she was going to meet a boy who summoned a legendary spirit animal in Trunswick recently. Devin, thinking that she was talking about the day he summoned Elda, tells her that she was too late; but Raisha corrects him by saying it was the other Trunswick boy. Devin realizes that she meant his brother, Dawson, and accidentally lets the bacon burn in his shock. Raisha then sees an eagle flying in the sky and quickly leaves with a goodbye.

The next day, Devin enters Trunswick. He meets a guard who tries to stop him, but Devin kicks him in the shin and manages to slip through. While he admires Trunswick, Dawson comes up behind him, and they embrace. They talk briefly before the Earl of Trunswick finds them, and greets Devin with hostility. Dawson tells the Earl that he wanted Devin here for his celebration. The Earl doesn't agree and he and Devin start arguing. Their arguing stops when Dawson summons his spirit animal into the room: Rumfuss the Boar. Devin is amused that Dawson summoned Rumfuss, calling the Great Beast a 'great bore'. Dawson is insulted and angry and tells the Earl that he doesn't want Devin here anymore. Devin is then kicked out of the castle, feeling guilty for what he said.

He rounds a corner and almost runs into Karmo, and tells the Niloan boy that he was glad to see him. Karmo agrees but then attacks him. Devin manages to hold Karmo back by the wrists, him being bigger and stronger. Then he is shocked by Karmo's electricity and dizzily steps back, telling the other boy to wait. Karmo angrily reminds Devin that he left him in Glengavin's prison, where he had to listen to Lord MacDonnell playing songs to his rabbit. Devin apologizes guiltily, admitting that he though that Karmo would be better off. Surprised by the change of character, Karmo accepts his apology, and then tells him bad news: Zerif was after Dawson and Rumfuss. Devin tells him that he has a way to get to Dawson, and Karmo agrees to help him.

Karmo informs Devin that there was a woman in the square who was put in stocks for going against the Earl. Using this to his advantage, Devin approaches the woman, gives her water, and tells her that he'd release her soon. He turns to the people of Trunswick, and starts talking about the Earl and all of the bad things that he had done to Trunswick. The crowd starts to rile up in protest, and the more Devin talks down about the Earl, the more the crowd becomes an angry mob. Soon the mob heads towards Trunswick's manor and Devin releases the woman. He then goes to find Dawson.

Dawson is sitting on the roof of the manor when Devin finds him. They sit together and soon Dawson starts to cry. Devins apologizes about the things he said about Rumfuss. Dawson tells him that he wasn't angry at him, he was angry at himself for stealing the Iron Boar and helping the Earl take Conor's mother prisoner. Devin tells him that they did not have to stay in Trunswick. Dawson is skeptical at first, but Devin points out the angry mob headed their way, and they climb back into the manor from the roof.

Devin goes to find his father, and finds him in the dining hall, eating with Zerif. After some angry conversation, Devin realizes that Raisha is trying to get Rumfuss. He duels Raisha, and Dawson was about to run when Zerif arrives and grabs him by the neck. Dawson gives up Rumfuss in order to get Zerif to release Devin, which he does—over the edge of the third-story roof. Devin rolls in the air like a cat and survives the fall. Karmo then recruits him to the Redcloaks. Devin and Dawson leave the Lord of Trunswick in the burning castle.

The Burning Tide

Devin and Karmo reveal themselves to Abeke and Rollan, shocking them. Abeke and Karmo glare at each other, then Devin awkwardly asks how Conor is doing. Later, Devin prevents the Great Beast summoners from taking back Cordalles's ship, prompting Kirat to argue with him.

When Abeke hits the bell to trigger the underground trap, Devin is seen writhing on the floor in agony with the other Redcloaks, as Dawson asks Abeke what was happening to his brother.

Heart of the Land

Devin gains the Four's and Anka's trust and is with them throughout most of the book.

The Wildcat’s Claw

Devin is with the Four Fallen and Anka most of the book and helps lead them through Eura. He activates the Wildcat's Claw and uses the sword's flames to help defeat the Oathbound. But he sacrifices himself for the group by cutting the statue's leg, causing a cave in, and yelling to Abeke "Tell Dawson I was a hero!"


He was mentioned several times, and is revealed to be to be alive. Cordelia survived the cave in as well, and Worthy was captured by the Oathbound.

The Dragon’s Eye

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In the Game

Level 35 Battle

As you come up a pathway in Eura, you can start seeing glimpses of Devin and Elda guarding the talisman. When you get up there, Devin will usually let Elda do the work- she uses a level 4 Dragon Ember ability (like the Komodo Dragon) meaning it will not hurt Devin. He will shoot arrows while Elda does this. Once you defeat him, you will get the Silver Wolf of Briggan Talisman. Note, the battle may not be like this depending on how you fight, but Elda does use Dragon Ember and has a purple difficulty ring.

As Worthy, he is in the courtyard for cavern quests.



Devin and Conor have a tense relationship for most of the series due to Conor being Devin's servant, and Conor humiliating Devin by summoning Briggan. Devin openly hated Conor and mocked his bond with Briggan with every chance he got. Conor does not particularly like Devin but does not hate him either. At the end of Hunted, Devin seeks out Rumfuss's talisman in Glengavin and battles Conor personally. However Devin and the Conquerors lose the battle for the talisman and retreat, Devin and Karmo being thrown in Glengavin's prison. Devin and Conor's relationship is not mentioned much after the events of Hunted. With Devin's point of view in Tales of the Fallen Beasts, it is revealed that Devin regrets most of the things he did and may wish to reconvene with Conor.

In Heart of the Land, Conor discovers Worthy's true identity. He is hostile towards his former enemy at first, but Worthy tries to be friendly. After Worthy had helped Conor and Rollan in a fight in Concorba, Conor begins to treat him more like a friend. He compliments him at one point and Worthy puts on his mask to hide how pleased he is. Before Conor leaves to climb the tower and reveal the Heart of the Land, he tells Worthy that he can be worthy, to which Worthy becomes emotional and replies, "I hope so."


Devin and Dawson are brothers and have a close relationship. In Tales of The Fallen Beasts, Devin reminds Dawson of all the 'stupid' things he had done as a child (like letting their dogs loose into the mud), but Dawson in return reminds him of the time he had broken his father's vase, and Devin took the blame for him. Right before Devin is dropped off of a roof by Zerif, Dawson tells his brother that he loves him.

The Keeper of Greenhaven

In the Cavern Quest storyline, the Keeper goes on quests in Sadre alongside Worthy/Devin. As the player moves along in the storyline, the Keeper and Worthy seem to become comfortable with eachother, enough for Worthy to joke with the player. Worthy is also grateful when the Keeper and Talon save him in the last quest.


Devin and Karmo were both recruited by Zerif as false legends. Devin thinks of Karmo as a friend, while Karmo is much less friendly towards the Euran boy. However by the end of Tales of the Fallen Beasts, Karmo seems to like Devin more and is impressed when he survives the fall from the Trunswick manor's roof. He tells Devin that he "really knows how to burn a bridge".


"You're the one they call the Keeper, right? My name is Worthy... and I desperately need your help."

–Worthy in the Spirit Animals Game



  • Devin is the same age as Conor. Not only that, he is also born in the same month. However, in later books, it is mentioned that he is older than Conor. This is a discrepancy between books, as Conor is born on the last day of the month.
  • He is afraid of the dark[4] and snakes (because they remind him of Gerathon), as revealed in the game. He is also afraid of spiders (revealed in Hunted).
  • In The Evertree, Devin was mistakenly called 'Devon'.[5]
  • Devin is a Gaelic name meaning "bard, poet".
  • Devin has never won a one-on-one duel before. (Revealed in Tales of the Fallen Beasts)
  • He is the second Redcloak character to sacrifice himself for the Four Fallen's summoners/Abeke, the first being Shane. He is the fourth character to sacrifice himself, third being Shane, second being Tarik, first being Barlow. However, he is the only one to have survived.
  • Dawson once joked about him summoning a chipmunk in Wild Born, to which he said a bear or wildcat would be more likely.


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