Xin Kao Dai was a hero of Zhong, topped only by the Great Beast Jhi, and is the creator of the Dragon's Eye.


Xin Kao Dai wore green and gold ancient scaled armor and carried a curved sword with a jade handle in a sheath made of black serpent skin. He had long, black hair, and his left eye was replaced with a brilliant emerald, the Dragon's Eye.


Xin Kao Dai is very humble and no-frills. He was not one to boast about his adventures and sheepishly admitted he forgot the name of the emperor who had given him the basis for the Dragon's Eye, providing not much backstory.


Unfortunately, the warrior lost his left eye in one of his adventures, but fortunately, he discovered the secret of bond tokens (he recorded the dangerous method in a jade-tubed scroll within his chambers) and created the Dragon's Eye.

Spirit Animal

Xin Kao Dai's spirit animal was a female water dragon which he called Dancer Across Moonlit Waves (or Dancer, for short), who could command the sea. They had many great adventures together; they towed ships through storms and dined under the sea and raised tsunamis to wipe out their enemies.</p>


  • city in Zhong was named after Xin Kao Dai in his honor.
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