Xue is an older Greencloak who had taken a leave of absence from the group due to them not learning. She has a very great reputation, however, it is not mentioned what she has done in the past. She has a mouse spirit animal, named Zap.

In the Books

Blood Ties

She first appears when Jhi brings Meilin to her little camp out by the Bamboo Maze. She offered Meilin to share her food and water. She instantly knew the panda was Jhi, told Meilin of resistance camps nearby, and reassured Meilin she would have been fine in the maze as long as she followed Jhi because a panda could never be lost in a bamboo forest. Xue then lead them through the maze and left. She appeared again when Rollan was ill, stating she sold pots to the Rhino Riders. She is shown to know much about the sickness Rollan caught, the Sunset Death, and talked to Meilin, casually stating she taught Olvan and Lenori certain lessons they never followed. She also hinted that Meilin had a crush on Rollan, and released Zap the mouse, where Meilin confessed she used to think only big, fierce spirit animals were good. She also speaks to Jodoboda about joining together to help get rid of the Conquerors and by the end of the book had talked them into it. At the end of the book, she had finally found something she had never seen before; Lishay had received her dead brother's spirit animal as her own after her white tiger Zhosur had died.

Xue's chopsticks


  • Meilin is shown to have a considerable amount of respect for her.
  • Tarik is shown to look up to her and was amazed by her presence when she appeared.
  • She often mentions Olvan and Lenori were not the best students of the Greencloaks, and she at one point even says MeilinConorAbeke, and Rollan are better than they were. 
  • She repeatedly laughs and tells Meilin, "Jhi is lazy," also saying other iterations of this phrase.
  • She often uses her chopsticks as her weapons, hiding them in her sleeve and pulling them out quickly.
  • There is a unique item in the game called Xue's Cloak.
  • In Chinese, Xue means "learn".
  • Xue may be some sort of nickname for she hesitated when introducing herself to Meilin in Blood Ties.
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