Yuma's is an old Conqueror woman, and also Shane's tutor. Her (forced) spirit animal was an earthworm.


She wears many heavy robes and carries a staff. As of the third Book of Shane, she has no eyes, and her eye sockets are replaced by pink flesh.[1]

In the Books

Wild Born

Yumaris is seated beside General Gar and Zerif as they explain to Abeke why they recruited her to the Conquerors. She was mentioned to have located Arax's talisman.

Rise and Fall

Yumaris first appears at a Conqueror assembly, where she holds Drina in place as she is murdered by a controlled Iskos. As Shane is silently counting down to Abeke from across the room, Yumaris realizes what he is doing and shouts a warning.

The Book of Shane Trilogy

Book 1

As Shane is wandering around his father's castle, Yumaris appears and gives him a sword, telling him that "words and learning do nothing to impress a jackal."

Book 3

Yumaris is hunted down by Shane, who plays right into her scheme of having him save the world from the Wyrm.

The Burning Tide

Now blind and slightly mad, who thinks she is an earthworm, she can still keep tabs on the Four Fallen and their human partners, as well as navigate in the underground.

Heart of the Land

In Heart of the Land, she loses her mind even more. Still being able to act as the Redcloak seeress, she tells Stead and Worthy of the Four Gifts of Erdas, in which she describes as the 'rock, claw, circle, and the other thingie.'


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