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Zhong is a place that resembles Asia in appearance as well as culture. It is also known as the Walled Lands.

Zhong was ruled by an Emperor until Heart of the Land, where the Emperor was killed and his daughter, Princess Song, took his place as the Empress. At the end of The Dragon's Eye, Song is declared deceased after presumably drowning, and Zhong is left without a leader.


Zhong is based on many Asian countries, most noticeably China. It is a big region with many villages scattered about the land. The Zhongese people call the Nectar Ceremony the 'Bonding Day celebration', and unlike Eura, the most important summoner goes last to increase the chance of getting a spirit animal. Meilin and her father are from here. There is a great wall in Zhong, which encircles its most important city, Jano Rion. The patron beast of Zhong is Jhi the Panda, who is also depicted on the flag.

The Conquerors invaded the country the same day Jhi was summoned back to the world by Meilin; they had probably engaged the attack because of the country's prosperity. Zhong was among the most devastated countries after the events of the war, but its people are currently rebuilding.

Towns, Cities, and Landmarks

  • Jano Rion: Meilin's home city. In Wild Born, the first book of the series, Jano Rion was attacked and burned down by the Conquerors. After the Conquerors were defeated, the Zhongese began to rebuild the city.
  • The Great Wall: A huge, long-standing wall that surrounds Central zhong. Despite its sturdiness and the fact that it is heavily guarded, the Conquerors were able to breach it.
  • Shar Liwao: A well-known port city. It was attacked by the Conquerors directly before Jano Rion fell.
  • Xin Kao Dai: A port/harbor city and one of the locations in Blood Ties.
  • The Great Bamboo Maze: A dense bamboo forest maze, meant to confuse any intruders. Jhi the Panda used to reside in the maze.
  • Pharsit Nang: A temple where Dinesh the Elephant and his worshipers reside. It is located on an island in the middle of the Lake of the Elephant.
  • Lake of the Elephant: A huge lake that protects the temple of Pharsit Nang from any intruders on foot.
  • Kho Kensit: A province in Zhong and an important location in Blood Ties.
  • The Mire: A Greencloak-run prison in the middle of a swampland. It is near impossible to escape from.

Notable Characters from Zhong


  • Zhong was occupied by the Conquerors in both of the Devourer Wars.
  • Zhong's name may be based off of the anglicized version of the Chinese word for China, 中国 or "Zhongguo"
  • The idea of Zhong falling to the Conquerors may have come up as the idea of saltwater crocodiles, which are mostly found in Australia, are the Devourer's spirit animal. Saltwater crocodiles had actually traveled to South Asian coasts, terrorizing them, the same way as the Conquerors were battling in Zhong.


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