Zhosur is the former spirit animal of Lishay, but he died in Blood Ties. He is a pure white tiger with black stripes.

In the Books

Blood Ties

Zhosur's first appearance was when Zhamin attacked Uraza. In that time Zhosur helped Lishay get Zhamin off Uraza. Zhosur has stuck by Lishay's side and has shown a certain fondness for Uraza. At Dinesh's temple, Zhosur was killed by General Gar's saber while protecting Lishay, thus becoming a faded tattoo on Lishay's arm.



Zhosur is known to be fond of Uraza. They are shown tussling playfully together several times in the book, and after his death, Uraza noses his body and whimpers.


Zhosur was summoned by Lishay most likely when she drank the Nectar. He is very loyal to her and they had a good bond. Zhosur went into passive form on Lishay's arm even after his death.


Zhamin was summoned by Hanzan most likely when he drank the Nectar. After Hanzan died, Zhamin became aggressive and hostile. Once Zhosur died, Zhamin became Lishay's spirit animal.


  • Zhosur was summoned by Lishay at the same time that Zhamin was summoned by Lishay's brother Hanzan.
  • Zhosur was said to be pure white, while Zhamin was said to be pure black. This might represent Yin-Yang.
  • Zhosur was Lishay's first spirit animal, her second being Zhamin.
  • Zhosur was put into passive form after his death when Lishay bonded with Zhamin.
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